Who is this?

Born in 1995 and raised in a small town in Germany,

Calvin Serrano began playing with his Parents Camcorder at 14 and didn't put it down until he got one of his own.

When he was around 17 he started getting into VFX and 3D Animation and at 19 he moved to the big city Berlin where he could pursue the Filmmaker Lifestyle full time. There, he works as a VFX and 3D Artist on International Music Videos, Commercials and Movie Productions, as well as directing music videos and shorts of his own.


Calvin strives to maintain a creative and productive environment where bringing original ideas to life is easy and fun.

What I do?

Concepting, Shortfilm / Musicvideo script writing, Compositing, Keying, Camera / Motion Tracking, Realtime Motion Tracking, Basic 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Node Based Shading, Node Based Programming, Node Based Animation, Directing Shortfilms, Feature Film Second Unit Directing, VFX-Supervising


Resolve, Fusion, HitFilm, After Effects, Premiere, Sony Vegas, Blender, Nuke, SynthEyes, Boujou, Unreal Engine, FL Studio, Affinity Photo, Character Creator, Natron, Spark AR Studio

Have a great day :)