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5 Minuten Bis Unendlich (English Subtitles)

5 Minuten Bis Unendlich (English Subtitles)

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5 Minuten Bis Unendlich

(Five Minutes Until Forever)

Two friends meet for the last time before the world ends to find out if they can commit to love.

There is a mysterious countdown in the sky that nears it's end. How do people handle this situation? What will they do in their last moments?

My goal was to tell my relationship to love and my experiences with it through these two characters. One representing the mind, the other the heart. I tried leaving the details of this relationship open for interpretation, so that the viewer can project his/her own experiences into the story.

I've never told a more personal story. It's amazing to see how people react to it and how they connect with the emotions in it.

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